Public Sector Services

Plan sponsors agree to perform a valuable service for their employees. They also take on a tremendous responsibility  and if something goes wrong, they can be held liable. Segal Select Insurance understands what is at stake and provides extensive services to assist with all aspects of insurance brokerage.

Fiduciary Liability

Our experts can help public sector entities protect themselves against lawsuits alleging a breach of fiduciary duty.

Cyber Liability

Today’s hyper-connected world demands that plan sponsors protect their employees’ personal information and provide liability insurance protection.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance

Because employment practice litigation is widespread, plan sponsors should consider insurance that covers the defense, settlement and judgment costs of potential suits.


Fidelity Bonds

Our experts can work with fiduciaries of employee benefit plans to become bonded in order to cover the plan from loss of assets due to fraud or dishonesty.

We can also assist with:

  • Policy review, analysis and comparisons
  • Market strategy and proposed coverage specifications
  • Coverage negotiations, including underwriting meetings
  • Quotation communications, including recommendations
  • Invoicing, premium collection and remittance to insurer
  • Policy review and transmittal
  • Claims processing and follow-up
  • Limited claims adjustment services, including discussing claim issues, providing insights based upon our broker experience, and arranging and attending underwriter-focused claims meetings
  • Q & A services, as needed
  • Presentations to plan sponsors or employers, as requested
  • Periodic Segal Select publications and webinars
  • Benchmarking for premium and limit of liability analysis