March 3, 2013

Understanding the Ullico Casualty Company Rehabilitation Action

On March 11, 2013, the State of Delaware placed the Ullico Casualty Company (UCC) into receivership as a way of addressing issues of insolvency. We want the trustees, administrators and attorneys of the benefit plans that we work with to know the facts.

Segal Select Insurance has been monitoring the situation, and we are providing the following resources:

  • Pre-recorded presentation by Brian Smith, COO of Segal Select Insurance
  • Executive Summary
  • Memo ref. UCC’s May 30 Liquidation Order – New as of June 14
  • Memo ref. UCC’s Liquidation Documents – New as of July 18  
  • Memo ref. UCC’s Handling of Outstanding Claims – New as of July 24
  • Hudson Appoints Euclid To Adjust Outstanding Fiduciary Liability Insurance Claims – New as of July 25
  • Ullico's Response to Hudson’s appointment of Euclid – New as of July 25
  • Segal Select Contact Information

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • General FAQ
  • March 27 webinar Q&A

Additional resources:

  • Press release on the Ullico website
  • Ullico FAQ
  • Information posted by the Delaware Insurance Commissioner

Please check periodically as any new and applicable information will be added.  If you have any immediate questions, please contact Diane McNally (212.251.5146).

Delaware Receiver Information – If you wish to communicate directly with the Delaware Insurance Department concerning the UCC receivership, the address is:

Mr. George J. Piccoli, Deputy Receiver
c/o Delaware Insurance Department
Bureau of Rehabilitation and Liquidation
Suite 602
704 N. King Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

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